DRA Renovations is a professional renovation and building company, improving homes and offices for all clients in York and surrounding area's.

When looking to renovate a home or building, you will benefit greatly from finding an all-inclusive company to cover the entire renovation process. Our team is able to offer an unchallenged expertise in all fields of the building and renovation industry; with emphasis on safety and quality in all of the projects we have completed.

Our experience is the reason behind our expertise; boasting of more than 60 years in the industry, the team of DRA Renovations have improved a vast amount of commercial and residential buildings over the years.

A high-quality renovation service is about more than true craftsmanship; it is about connecting with the clients and understanding their point of view. No project is successful, regardless of the quality of the craftsmanship, if it is not in line with what the client had in mind.

By trusting our company to renovate your home or office, you are also gaining a friendly and attentive team that will invest time in listening to your requirements and attempting to understand your ideas.

We pride ourselves on doing more than merely building rooms; with decades of serving homes and offices in the UK, DRA Renovations has the experience you need to complete your vision of a new home or office.

Contact DRA Renovations today for a professional renovation and building service.